Saturday, November 1, 2008

Big #44 is Getting the Job Done and Then Some

Sheldon Souray has been a Godsend for this young Oilers team. Everyone knew that he was as tough as nails and everyone knew that his shot was one of the very best in the league if not THE best. However this years version of Sheldon Souray is something else. Skating up ice with speed and purpose, much better breakout passes, more breakout speed from a standstill than the newly acquired Lubomir Visnovsky, this could very well be Sheldon Souray at his very best.

When he was signed I felt that he would be a very good choice to wear a letter on this team. He was and is to date the biggest UFA that the Oilers have landed in recent memory, he stands up for his teammates, loves the town, and he just flat out seems like one hell of a guy.

He is extremely well spoken, commands respect with his play and reputation, and quite frankly he seems like an ideal fit for the new face of the Oilers. Sheldon Souray is a rare type of a guy, a guy that the ladies adore and a guy that guys look up to. If I were of First Nations ancestry I would look at Sheldon as a hero, an inspiration to his people and to all Canadians and everyone that watches the NHL game worldwide.

If Sheldon can put his recent injury past behind him, he could be the cornerstone of the Oilers blueline for years to come. The man with the bigger than life shot and the man that lives by a tough but honourable code has taken this team under his wing. As a fan I couldn't be happier or prouder to have a player like Sheldon Souray on the team that I cheer for.


doritogrande said...

Now if only the rest of the powerplay could shoot the puck once in a while, his shot may actually be used as a weapon. As of right now, said defenseman is cake, and the opposing PKers are all 300 pounds.

MJT said...

Well said. The guy is playing like an all star right now and isn't doing any of the things which caused concerns defensively in the past.

Bryanbryoil said...

For sure he has been superb. If he can stay relatively healthy his contract will be fine with me and then some.