Friday, November 21, 2008

Buh Bye Boulerice!

And just like that, the Oilers rid themselves of Jesse Boulerice. He was about as invisible as an NHLer can be in 2 games with the Oilers. When you long for Zack Stortini to be in the lineup, you know that somebody isn't pulling their weight!

This is a perfect example of how sometimes you get lucky on waivers (MacIntyre) and how on others you see why the player was put on waivers in the first place. Boulerive bites the dust in E-town, now I'm starting to wonder how much longer Stortini's leash will be?

I am glad that he isn't still with the Oilers and just as glad that he won't be eating up playing time in Springfield. Thanks Colorado! ;)


oilerdago said...

I think you're bang on w/Stortini as well. Huggy Bear is not agitating, not hitting and is a defensive liability. In danger of falling into JF Jacquest waters (if he's not already there).

On a different note, nice to see Lerg score last night. All the kid does is contribute when he plays.

Bryanbryoil said...

Yeah, IMO he's being exposed for what he was last year, a guy that rode the coattails of Glencross and Brodziak.

As for Lerg he had a very good game IMO. Hopefully the coach keeps him and Wild in the lineup for awhile.