Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chorney Slow to Translate His Offense to the AHL Level.

Taylor Chorney has played in every game for the Falcons this season, he's been put in every conceivable situation, and played both left and right defense. A slick puck moving defenseman with good wheels, puck rushing ability, and passing skills, it is an absolute shame that he only has 5 assists in 14 games this year.

I was so sure after watching the Oilers preseason that Chorney and Schremp would be magic on the PP, however their time together has been very limited. These 2 players could really feed off of each other if they worked on their 2 man game on the right side of the PP.

Chorney has the skating ability to open a passing lane to Schremp for one timers, and Schremp is great at passing the puck to the point for quick shots. It seemed like a match made in heaven and was easily one of the things that I was looking forward to the most this season with the Falcons.

The Falcons have some very good personnel for the PP and loading up on the top unit would really help their cause. A PP of......


should be among the top PP's in the league. Perhaps one day the coach will try this combination.

Outside of the offensive struggles that Chorney has encountered, he has also been the teams worst player in terms of +/- (-7). The next lowest regular defenseman is Bryan Young at a -2. With the Falcons team hurting for offense, Chorney could really help from the blueline.


hunter1909 said...

wtf re Chorney. He's never played pro hockey, and it's only 20 games in his rookie season.

Sometimes players aren't brilliant right out of the gate, because their heads are taking in so much information that they more or less don't have anything left to do their normal thing.

If Chorney is as good as advertised, by the end of the year we all should be seeing more of the real Chorney.

At least he's not playing under MacBlockhead. I'd really be worried then. LOL

Bryanbryoil said...

The thing that's really puzzling is that he showed a lot in camp and offensively early in the season, now he has really turned away from his offensive game.

Part of it is the personnel that the coach puts him out with (especially on the PP) but he needs to look to do more offensively.

Chorney is likely a big reason that they let TJ Kemp walk and that they dealt Danny Syvret. Right now it seems as if either player would've helped the Falcons more although neither will likely amount to much at the next level.