Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Big Boul of Nothing

Jesse Boulerice really doesn't look like a guy fighting for his NHL life despite having been in the AHL not all that long ago. Boulerice has appeared in 2 games, has no hits, no fights, and no positive contributions to the team. The only thing that this guy does is remind me of how much I miss big #33 and how the Oilers would rather play a guy like this than give some of their farmhands a shot. Lefebvre, Sestito, Benson, they'd all add more spark, Schremp, Brule, Potulny, they'd all add more offense. Why oh why are we wasting a roster spot on this guy?

Are we trying to keep Stortini from fighting? Do we need to worry that our hybrid agitator/fighter will get hurt in a fight so that we need someone to watch his back? Are Jason Strudwick's gloves glued on? It is an absolute embarrassment the way that this guy has played. You have to actively look for him because he does NOTHING on the ice that makes you notice him. I am far from a Stortini fan, but if it's between Stortini getting his butt handed to him or Boulerice being invisible, I'd rather watch Stortini land the odd hit before getting trounced in a fight.

Why is this guy even here if this is all that he brings? I wouldn't want him on the Falcons let alone the Oilers.

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