Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Fit Enough to Make a Contribution My Ass!

Dustin Penner looked pretty damn good to me for an overweight player that can't contribute in coach Mactavish's eyes. Penner was great in front of the goal and proved to be the final piece to PP (who'da thunk it?) he screened on Souray's goal, and he created a man sized roadblock so that Gilbert could have an easy goal to seal the deal. Add to this he was hitting, nearly scored on the PK by splitting the defensemen like Moses parted the Red Sea, he was an absolute force. Unmotivated, under utilized, but the big fella sure as hell can make a contribution!

Dwayne Roloson was superb in net, keeping the team in a great position to win while they got and capitalized on their chances. It's not every night that you score 7 goals with under 20 shots. Sheldon Souray continues his gaudy play with a goal and an assist, Marc Pouliot breaks a lengthy goalless streak, the boys finally got to skating after they put the stranglehold on the game. Lots of positives tonight. However I'll curb my enthusiasm until we carry the massive wave of momentum that was started in this game.

How ironic that the man that MacT trashed could have stayed his potential execution? Good on Penner for taking his frustration out on the opposition instead of letting it get him too far down. After Horcoff scored on the Oilers last PP, Souray made it a point to give Penner a pat on the back for battling in front of the net and freeing up space for the entire PP. I always felt that these 2 could really form one hell of a tandem on the PP.

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