Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Double Standard For the Trio of Goaltenders?

Dwayne Roloson gets the start tonight, his 3rd consecutive start. His previous 3 starts have been losses for the Oilers, and while IMO he hasn't been anywhere near the problem for the last 2, why is it that he gets so much leeway? He faces a team tonight that scored 5 goals on him in their last meeting, a few of which weren't too flattering to boot. Mathieu Garon on the other hand lost 2 games in a row and then sat for 5 days, lost another game and sat for 6 days, was left for dead by his team much as Roloson was last night, and he will now not have seen NHL game action for TWELVE days.

Meanwhile Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers won his first game, sat for about 3 weeks, was solid in relief, then went on to win his next 2 games (games in which we had no business winning) before the team once again imploded against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now he has been MIA for the last 3 games.

Deslauriers has a superior GAA, Winning %, Save %, yet he sits again? The kid has only lost 1 of 4 games yet he gets stapled to the bench? Garon is currently no worse than what Roloson was early last year, yet now that the roles are reversed he gets kicked to the curb? I have no doubt that the team is close, they have to be because the coach seems to like ripping into select players. It makes you wonder if Dustin Penner, Mathieu Garon, and a few others have their own clique going to see who MacT despises the most.

Roloson has been good, but he's yet another example of a loooong history of MacT favorites that gets preferential treatment. Perhaps the reason that this team is failing is that MacT has alienated too many of his most talented players and they simply want him gone?

Garon is an UFA, Cole is an UFA, what is MacT doing to help their UFA cause? Both players status in the league have been tarnished by what's going on in Edmonton.

Why would anyone want to work hard for someone that only coddles a few for working hard while not showing any appreciation for others contributions?

If anyone didn't question MacT's drug out process to name Garon starter last season, this season shows exactly why he did so, because he wanted Roli to be that guy. Now that Roli is playing solid hockey again, he has thrown Garon under the bus quicker than a Sheldon Souray slap shot.

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hunter1909 said...

What isnt obvious about the following hypothesis:

MacT is in his death throes as a coach of the Oilers?