Monday, November 17, 2008

The Potential Call-ups to Fill Fernando Pisani's Roster Spot

Rob Schremp has slowed down in terms of offensive production. However in terms of offense, there is no better option in Springfield than #44. Schremp still leads the Falcons in ES points as well as overall scoring with 10 points.

Gilbert Brule has been pretty good, but still hasn't shown than it's worth risking losing his waiver eligibility to play in the NHL this early in the season. More time with the Falcons is needed for Brule.

Tim Sestito is my 3rd choice, if you like Liam Reddox, you'll love Tim Sestito. Hard working, good skating, solid PKer, and the Captain of the Falcons. While his offense is very limited his work ethic isn't.

Guillaume Lefebvre likes to play the body, and he isn't afraid to fight. If the Oilers are unhappy with Boulerice, Lefebvre is their man.

Ryan Potulny's play has dipped at the same time as Schremp's. It makes sense since they form 2/3's of a scoring line on the Falcons. His offense is below Schremp's and Brule's, and his defense is below Sestito's.

Tyler Spurgeon had a solid camp, but hasn't been all that noticeable this season. It could be due to the fact that he missed so much action last season after suffering a concussion from current Oiler Steve MacIntyre. IMO he is the low man on the totem pole of all of the "major" players in Springfield. However his last impression in Edmonton could get him the call ahead of the players that I listed above.


doritogrande said...

I think Schremp gets the call if MacT and Tambellini are at war over the personnel choices at game-time. MacT has been adamant (like you mentioned above) that Roloson is his best option while many others would call that into question. By playing Roloson instead of Garon, MacTavish is minimizing the chances that management gets a good enough look at The Fastest Legs In The NHL to determine his contract status next season when Roli is gone. In my opinion, I can't see management stand for this much longer and are going to effectively sabotage MacT's lineup by bringing up Rob Schremp.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those anti-Schremp guys. But MacT clearly doesn't like the kid. I have serious doubts that in normal circumstances Schremp would see the ice for the Oilers under MacT. However, with the injury to Pisani and Smid on IR (he was threatening to play him at FORWARD if he was healthy, to bring some 'jam' back to the lineup), MacT would be left with the choices of:

- Dustin Penner
- Liam Reddox
- Jesse Boulerice
- Rob Schremp

As your last two forwards dressed, because they are currently running with only six defensemen. Given the public harassment of my fellow Manitoban, he's also not in good standing. Boulerice reminds me of Paul Bunyan, and is about as useless as a three-dollar bill. Liam Reddox is a kid.

In any scenario, MacT would have to ice a team where one (or more) of his black-listed players is dressed.

Did any of that make sense?

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Bryanbryoil said...

Agreed, for all of the talk from MacT about Schremp giving himself a chance, etc. it sure seems as if they are trying to avoid him like the plague. It's about time that the GM tells him to follow his plans and play whatever style the players that he has dictates. That is not 2 scoring lines, a checking line, and an energy line.