Friday, November 7, 2008

Feast and Famine

Rob Schremp has had 2 goal scoring gears in the AHL, prolific and nonexistent.

Let's take a look at Schremp's streakiness as a goal scorer in his AHL career.

Longest goalless streaks:
13 ('07-08) 33sog.
9 ('06-07) 25sog.
9 ('06-07) 13sog.
8 ('08-09) 11sog.
7 ('07-08) 10sog.
6 ('07-08) 11sog.
6 ('06-07) 15sog.
6 ('06-07) 6sog.

Best goalscoring streaks:
4 in 3gp. ('06-07)
3 in 2gp. ('07-08)
5 in 5gp. ('06-07)
3 in 3gp. ('07-08)
7 in 9gp. ('06-07)
4 in 6gp. ('07-08)
8 in 13gp. ('06-07)
9 in 18gp. ('07-08)

For whatever reason Rob loses confidence in his shot, once one goes in he lights the lamp often and with a fury. However he has to find a better balance to his game so that he can be a consistent goalscorer. If he can add the sniper element to his game it could be his ticket to the NHL. He is a fine playmaker, but he has to get his shot going to take the next step.

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