Saturday, November 8, 2008

BBO's Top 20 Oilers Prospects, #14 D Sebastien Bisaillon

After a solid start to his professional career last season Bisaillon suffered a major injury. This season Bisaillon hasn't added the same offensive punch early in the season (2-3-5 and a -3 in his first 8 games last season and 1-1-2 +6 in his first 8 this season), but he has made significant strides in his defensive game.

Bisaillon's shot is NHL caliber although I must say that I haven't seen him really hammer it yet this season, perhaps due to lingering effects of his lacerated leg last year. However he is good at wristing the puck on net as well as onetiming the puck. Bisaillon leads the Falcons with a +6 and has been a very solid defenseman in his own zone.

Bisaillon has also added a bit of a mean streak this season and has already dropped the gloves once and he definitely got the better of his opponent. At the moment I would consider Bisaillon to be the 2nd defenseman in line for a callup (only behind Theo Peckham) and the 1st on the right side.

While it is uncertain where Bisaillon may eventually end up in the Oilers lineup, his progression this season once again shows the Oilers strength in depth defensemen in their prospect ranks.

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