Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Lines Forthcoming, But Key Players Playing Out of Position Continues

Craig MacTavish has rightfully decided to scramble up his lines, but yet again he decides to play key forwards out of position to try to prove that his Macblender is the right way. Let's look at what the coach appears to be proposing and then let's look at different combinations that could work with everyone playing at their natural position.

Mac-T's Lines:


we have 2 players playing out of position

What I'd Propose:


1 player out of position, but a position that he has played for much of his pro career.

We'd have 2 very solid ES lines in the Horcoff and Brodziak lines and we'd have 2 dynamic offensive lines in the Pouliot and Cogliano lines.

MacIntyre has unfortunately suffered an injury in a fight against Eric Godard, this leaves a forward spot open with the Oilers. Why not insert Schremp? His ability to set up his teammates with superb passes will make him a favorite teammate with whoever he lines up with. It could also get Gagner back on track and give the Oilers a 4th line that outscores other lower lines. The team would have 3 true scoring lines and 1 true checking line.

With the loss of MacIntyre, one has to ask the question, would the team be better with a player like Schremp or Brule adding skill into the lineup, or would it be better to have Stortini weaken the ability to roll with 3 scoring lines unless you play him on a true checking line with Moreau and Brodziak?

It's time to lessen the scoring burden on the kids by adding more offense to the lineup. It's officially time to see what Rob Schremp can do with an extended NHL look-see. If he does well perhaps it could light a fire under some of the other young players butts because suddenly Mac-T has other options.


Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Why not insert Potulny? It seems to me like Gagner/Cogliano could use a shooter more than a passer ;)

oilerdago said...

Possibly because Potulny would not clear waivers. How about Brule?

Bryanbryoil said...

Because Schremp would probably be better in a shooting role (if he wrapped his mind around that concept). Also because he would have to clear waivers and the Falcons could ill afford to lose him.

Bryanbryoil said...

Brule IMO would be a better option that Potulny however he is a C or RW not a LWer.