Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grit, Sandpaper, Piss and Vinegar, and Jam?

Somewhere along the way I got lost. Craig Mactavish complained that Dustin Penner didn't have enough "jam" when he was a healthy scratch for 2 consecutive games, what in the blue hell is "jam"? A sugary and tasty fruit preserve that you spread over your toast in the morning, or a hockey adjective?

Grit, piss and vinegar, heart, guts, sandpaper, warrior, where in the hell does "jam" fit in? And better yet why in the blue hell is it getting used so bloody much on message boards? It really isn't a very good description of a type of play in hockey, and unless Smucker's drops the "S" in the front of their name, there is no relevance to the game of hockey unless you are talking about "jamming a puck home".

Leave "jam" to basketball for crying out loud!

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