Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Streak is Over! Lerg and Wild Are Making an Instant Impact!

Rob Schremp finally got rid of that horrible looking 0 next to his goal total off of a nice behind the net feed from Bryan Lerg. If history is any indication, Schremp should have more goals coming in the near future. His last 13 game goalless streak was followed by 5 goals in his next 8 games.

A few things will have to fall in place, for one he'll need to get some better passing from the right PP point man for onetimers, and for two he'll need to put the puck on net more. With Bryan Lerg's addition to the Schremp/Potulny line, Schremp finally has another passer on the line. This will open him up for more shots and as a result, more goals.

Speaking of Lerg, I recall a certain blogger saying that the team would be much more dynamic offensively with Lerg and Cody Wild in the line-up. Let's see what these 2 have done since being inserted into the line-up on Friday...

Bryan Lerg 2gp. 2-1-3 +4 4sog. 2pim.

His linemates you could say also got a bit of a boost...

Ryan Potulny 2gp. 1-5-6 +4 5sog.
Rob Schremp 2gp. 1-4-5 +4 6sog.

Cody Wild hasn't had AS big of an impact on the score sheet, but I doubt that anyone can argue with...
2gp. 0-1-1 +4 1sog.

Wild adds a puck moving d-man that is very creative offensively. These 2 players have really helped to spark the team. Wild is a team leading +8 in 9gp. and sits with the 26th highest +/- in the league as a rookie defender at the end of Saturday's action.


oilerdago said...

No coincidence here w/Lerg stepping in. What takes everyone so long with this guy anyway?

oilerdago said...

Sorry, meant to say why is it that they've taken so long to bring Lerg along?

Bryanbryoil said...

I'm not sure, he scored all 3 of Springfield's goals in their first 2 preseason games, he went the 4 year college route with a big time hockey program including winning a national championship at MSU.

IMO it had to do with the team trying to accommodate McDonald and a few others.