Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Done Wasting My Time Defending Schremp

To those that seem to think that they know so much about said player. "No upside", "how can a player with 2 AHL goals help this team", "he'll never be a regular NHLer". I'm not responding to this type of crap on HF Boards, because I'd be banned if I spoke my mind there.

If people couldn't see the skill level that this kid had in his last NHL stint, they quite frankly haven't a fucking clue about skill unless it's mucking or blazing speed. I've told them how Schremp is a onetime shooter and that no one has been looking to get him the puck in his wheelhouse. Brule has had many people look for him in his spot (low left side) and as a result has potted goals, Potulny has had numerous gifts from Schremp, yet they whine about why they are both outscoring Schremp?

These people will never get it, and frankly, I'm done beating my head into a wall telling these closed minded people what's up. On Oilfans, it's the opposite, they see what he can bring and understand what I'm saying. At least 1 sites fans have a clue.

Enough is enough, at this point I'm almost wishing that he'd get traded and tear it up just to tell them all that they haven't a fucking clue. It has been apparent that the coach doesn't see eye to eye with Schremp, instead these same people won't open their eyes and use their God given common sense to see what's going down.

Best of luck to Brule, he is a fine young player. Too bad that he wasn't the one that should've gotten a call unless he was sending Reddox to the AHL where he belongs this season.

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