Monday, December 15, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Schremp Back to Springfield

The moment that he was benched late in San Jose, I knew that it was inevitable. MacT is still far from a fan of Schremp. He's even less of a fan of a 3 scoring line approach. Rob Schremp's days as Oilers property is probably running on fumes at this point.

He's ready to be an NHL player, but under this coaching staff and with the kid line getting the push ahead of him, there is little for Schremp to gain by staying in the organization, and by sending him back to Springfield it takes away playing time from Brule, Trukhno, and Lerg.

Unless the Oilers are fixing to open up a spot for #88, he's as good as gone. Schremp's patience is likely spent, and managements patience for MacT is immeasurable. Without a coaching change, Schremp will be seen as nothing more than a bargaining token to get our beloved coach another grinder to compliment our $4, $2.5, and $2.25(?) million grinders.

Lowe, the scouting department, and MacT are on completely different pages. Lowe and the scouting staff are looking to add as much skill as possible, the coach is looking to add as much grit, jam, and defensively reliable players as possible.

Playing Pisani out of position because Lowe "robbed him" of Sakic Jr. and Stoll, MacT needs a reality check. He needs to change his gameplan to the players that he has been dealt with. Instead he keeps changing players into what he'd like to have seen acquired.

It's too bad that Kevin Lowe doesn't have the balls to tell MacT to either make the best of what he's been given and change his style, or hit the high road.

Oh well, at least we can look forward to Eberle getting the shaft if he's still coach in 2-3 years.

Since, I've been pretty bang-on predicting what happens with Schremp, I'll call it right now. The next injury in the top 6 will see Brule and not Schremp getting the call. Nothing against Jillbear, but it's how the Oilers roll in regards to #88.


doritogrande said...

Steve Tambellini makes the personnel changes now. Just so we're clear.

But I am with you this time. He got shafted with this premature demotion. Problem is, we already have 7 top-6 worthy players on the team without Schremp. He was a victim of the numbers.

Bryanbryoil said...
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Bryanbryoil said...

Dorito-He could've been the 8th top 6 guy, and Pouliot might have been able to hang in there as #9 (or Pisani upon his return).

IMO we could've made a 3 scoring line approach work. It was never in the cards, that's why he's been sent down. And he won't return unless there's an injury or someone falls from grace.

doritogrande said...

Truth be told, I like the make-up of that 3rd line too much to want to break it up. Moreau and Cole are the only forwards on this team who seem concerned that hitting has been going out of style in Oilers hockey. They cycle well and don't get destroyed at even strength. While it's true they aren't scoring and that is a bit of a concern, at the rate the top line and the defensemen are putting up the points we really only need that line to pop in the odd goal here and there.

My ideal situation would have been to have Pouliot and Schremp make up 2/3 of the 4th line, subbing in Stortini and Strudwick per the particular opponent. Minimal minutes for the trio, but supplimented by special teams minutes (PP for Schremp, PK for Pouliot, PK defenseman for Strudwick).

Bryanbryoil said...

I have a feeling that a Reddox-Pouliot-Schremp line would've been effective as well.

My question is what happens when Fernie comes back?

I'd like to see Brodziak stick on the 3rd line as a true center and see Pisani drop down to the 4th line in a scoring role. Schremp-Pouliot-Pisani and then sub in Mac for Schremp or Pouliot when he's healthy and we need some beef up front.

doritogrande said...

"I have a feeling that a Reddox-Pouliot-Schremp line would've been effective as well."

Actually, I was running on the caveat that Reddox is sent down. He and Schremp have the two-ways. Stortini and Strudwick are on the hook for a lot more dough.

Look at it any way you want, one of the two of them was going to be sent down because we have three goalies.