Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're Baaaack!

Our beloved Oilers are crapping the bed again. Seriously, how can a team that is so close to the cap be so fucking boring? Hemsky nad Cogs provide some entertainment, so does Souray. The rest are either o.k., or play boring games that quite frankly should be putting their opposition to sleep when they watch game films of the Oilers.

I guess the Oilers are comfortable with being the Western Maple Leafs as lovable losers, or maybe they want to be hockeys version of the Chicago Cubs? Either way I can't believe that this crap is being tolerated by the management and by the fans. I'm pissed at them despite not dropping $1000's for season tickets. I would be fucking looney tunes if I dropped $4000 to watch this shit 30 out of 41 times a year.

For all of the crap that the Leafs caught prior to this season, for fucks sakes at least they play an exciting brand of hockey. We play a half assed version of defensive hockey that couldn't stop an AHL power play.

Our 4th line is an abortion, our 3rd line is grossly overpaid and the 2nd line has no accountability.
But hey, at least we can know that next year, the year after that, and the year after that AT LEAST we can enjoy OILERS HOCKEY!!! This brand of Oilers hockey is a little better than a prostate exam, and a little worse than getting kicked in the balls.

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