Monday, December 22, 2008

Why No AHL Conditioning Stints Yet?

So we have a 3 goalie system, so we have complacent forwards like Nilsson and at times other players as well. If you want to send a message, sitting them could do it, but why not the good old conditioning stint? 2 weeks riding the bus in Springfield while someone comes up and takes their place in the penthouse.

That is about as big of a slap as you can get other than being waived. In the case of Deslauriers, it wouldn't be intended as a slap in the face, it would give him a chance to get 4-5 games in in a short stretch to keep sharp. This way if a goalie is moved he will be sharp, it would also give the Faqlcons a boost and Devan Dubnyk a much deserved rest.

If we sent Nilsson and Deslauriers down at the same time (for discussion's sake), we could call up Schremp and maybe Brule. This would allow us to sit any forward that needs a wake-up call as we would have the extra roster spot without the 3 goalie system (for 2 weeks anyway). Let's say that we'd sit Reddox and Gagner.....


Not too bad of a lineup IMO. It would allow guys like Schremp and Brule the opportunity to make strong cases for themselves to be kept on the NHL roster and it would send a message to Nilsson, "play better, or get shipped out".

If the team really needs to have a dog house without waiving a guy, this should be the method of choice.

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