Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pouliot Show!

How Sportsnet didn't pick him as one of the 3 stars is beyond me. A goal, numerous other near misses, Marc had a great game tonight. Strudwick with a good win over Carcillo after Carcillo hit Brodziak from behind.

Speaking of Brodziak, that is one tough kid. He seems to be very durable and a tough customer in a non-goon sort of a way. Stortini had himself a nice game as well. His first goal, a number of good hits. That was Zach's best game of the year IMO.

Now let's get down and dirty. We were very fortunate to win this game, penalties decided this game, and a mental meltdown by Carcillo had a great deal to do with it. A win is a win, but until we got those breaks in the 3rd, the outcome of the game was very much in question.

This teams consistent lack of stringing together a good effort for 60 minutes will continue to haunt them. Until they change that poor habit, nothing will change. A win here, a loss there, complacency breeds mediocrity, diligence breeds champions.

Enjoy the win, but know that it could've just as easily have gone the other way. When you have to rely on breaks to win games, it goes to show you just how weak your team is.

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