Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best Defense Is a Great Offense

Watching the Sabres treat the Oilers like they were ECHLers tonight was disturbing in a number of different ways.

#1-This is how we should play. It's an exciting game, we have the skill up front to do it if we went with that approach, and we'd be a hell of a lot harder to match up against.

#2-Lindy Ruff is 10X the coach that MacTravesty is. He went from a defensive coach to a coach that encourages a wide open style of play that encourages offensive creativity and puck movement.

#3-Did I mention that this should be our MO?

I keep hearing people telling me that we cannot roll with 3 natural scoring lines, that we have to have a checking line and an energy line. Quite frankly I'd rather have a guy like Connoly in my bottom 6 than a guy like Reddox.

People tell me that we have too many passers on the team so there is no room for a guy like Schremp, I say look at how Buffalo owned us whenever they looked to move the puck. You can NEVER have too many good passers.

Their PP was a thing of beauty, quick movement of the puck unlike our PP of "move out of the way and let me do everything myself" except for Hemsky's passes.

This is why this team will go nowhere unless we add more elite talent like Hemsky into our top 6 forwards. We got beat by a team with a near AHL blueline tonight ladies and gentlemen, and it wasn't even close.

That's what good coaches do, they make the most of what they have to work with.

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