Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If My Wife Went to More Games, MacT's Job Might've Been on the Line By Now

My wife is on one of her marathon vacations back home in Alberta (she needs one living with me!), and she has taken in 3 games in that time. The 9-2 loss to Chicago, a 5-1 loss to SJ, and tonight's 10-2 ass whupping by one of her two favorite teams the Buffalo Sabres.

In the other games I asked her to cheer against the Oilers as I would've at the time to get a new coach in place, tonight she needed no coaxing with the Sabres in town. Losing 2 games in the same season by scores of 10-2 and 9-2 is an absolute joke as far as I'm concerned. Once again I am calling for a change in coaching. For crying out loud, even the hapless Falcons haven't been bent over and done dry by Bubba the way that the Oilers have been twice this season.

It really is too bad that my wife didn't get a chance to see more Oilers games on her trip back home, because maybe, just maybe the coach would've been held accountable for numerous unsolicited back dooring sessions by other NHL teams.

Hell, I should see if I can pick her up another ticket before she comes back :)

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