Monday, January 26, 2009

Reddox Gets The Nod, AGAIN!

If you are a smallish grinder looking for an NHL opportunity you might want to actively seek out employment from the Edmonton Oilers. It's like affirmative action for smurf grinders. Craig MacTavish should have a place in the little grinder that can't Hall of Fame under the builders category.

Every single season curly-q has a fascination with these players. No offense to Liam Reddox the person, as he seems like a nice, honest, and hardworking kid, but what the hell has he done to deserve the opportunity to be an NHL regular this season? Fact of the matter is that he is at best the 4th best Falcons forward and at worst about the 7th best.

If we're hell bent on leaving Schremp, Potulny, and Brule in the AHL for various reasons, then why not give Tyler Spurgeon his first taste of NHL action? Why do we have to keep investing in a guy that isn't skilled enough to be a top 6 NHL forward, nor strong enough to be a dominant bottom 6 player.

Oh well, at least he showed how he is head and shoulders over his competition this past weekend, cha you know what? Nnnnnn Nnnnn.

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