Sunday, January 25, 2009

"He Can't Even Help Springfield"

While most people could really give a rats ass about Rob Schremp or Ryan Potulny at the moment as the Oilers have put together a nice little run. Winning can really change things, it has quieted the angry mob that wanted to see the coach out of town not so long ago, and it has dulled the disgusted roar of fans who had to watch Liam Reddox line up next to Shawn Horcoff and Dustin Penner in Ales Hemsky's absence.

However it is my stance that every team goes on runs and every team has slumps. So unlike those that have forgiven what has transpired, I don't. When Craig MacTavish lashed out at Rob Schremp and threw out the quote that I used as the title to this post it was a low blow and one that will undoubtedly be used by me to paint the man as a hypocrite in this very post.

The entire Falcons team was horrible after Schremp was sent down, while Schremp surely should've done better, he was hardly the only guy that was struggling. Hell, even the Oilers most recent call-up Ryan Potulny had dreadful stats in that dark stretch.

Now to the present, coach's pet Liam Reddox did Jack squat this weekend to show that HE was good enough to help the Falcons. 0-0-0 -1 and 1 shot on goal in 2 games for the guy that deserves to be in the NHL over Schremp, Potulny, and Brule? Color me unimpressed and away we go.

Why is it that I don't see him being left in Springfield because HE isn't helping them win despite the fact that Brule and Potulny were there and newly acquired Stone and Willis were also there to help out? Will Potulny get the call instead? I mean he DID score 2 goals in 2 games for the Falcons after all.

Doubtful, if there's a spot on the big club, it will be filled by #85 no matter what he does or doesn't do at the AHL or NHL level, he is one of the coaches chosen ones.

It reminds me of how MacT earlier in the season after Garon had a good game said "I don't like to play goalies in back to back games" I guess Roloson is exempt to that statement. Favoritism does nothing but spawn resentment and a lack of respect. When the team does start to slip again, this post will be here to show all of those that have put their pitchforks and torches away for the time being what they missed.


Red Deer Rebel said...

MacT's claim that Schremp isn't helping Springfield is one of the more ridiculous things he has said, rivalled only by his claim that the Oilers played well in the recent Minnesota game they lost 5-1.

Schremp helped Edmonton when he was up (MacT openly admitted as much after the Dallas game), and, over the course of the last 2 seasons, has proven to be one of the most valuable players in Springfield.

I wonder what Tambellini thinks of this situation. Clearly, he has a head coach who isn't paying much attention to the prospects in the system.

oilerdiehard said...
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oilerdiehard said...

I agree with most of what you said. MacT surely does play his faves. Such as Reddox, Roli, Staios, Moreau etc...

It was unprofessional what he said about Schremp. But at the time that quote you used was said it was the truth IMO. Schremp had not been scoring, had been a minus player in recent games and top of that had just been benched 2 straight games in a row. MacT should not have said it to the media instead of Schremp himself. But why would you call someone up that had all that going on recently in the minors?

You get promoted directly after being benched 2 games in a row. In what universe does that make sense?

I hope he does not call Reddox back up unless he only ever plays 4th line and PB duty. But to be a fair comparison between the situations. Was Reddox a minus player in those games and did he get benched?

As for the pitchforks. I would venture to say most people still feel that way. But are getting burnt out posting the same thing over and over about him. It falls on deaf ears and IMO no matter how bad this team plays. MacT would not be replaced before Summer at the very earliest. It of course would be one of those promotion type moves or at best a resignation rather than a firing.

I would like to see MacT replaced. But then again I just posted my criticism when things were at a fever pitch and when they are not. I was never a rah-rah pitchfork type. I also am realistic about the chances of it happening any time soon.

The Crott Report said...

Hey BBO.

Potulny and Brule have to clear waivers if they play X amount of games in the NHL. Brule is limited to 160 NHL games before he'll have to clear waivers to be sent down. Potulny can only play 10 NHL games this season before he is subject to waivers. So to call either of them up unless for a games or two, would mean they would have to stay on the Oilers roster or be risked when put on waivers.

Reddox is free to come and go from the minors and has no limitations to games played. And is Craig Mactavish's newest pet.

Schremp like Reddox is also free from waivers this season.

LT also posted on the above.

tricksnard said...

...And Reddox just got called back up to the big club.

oilerdiehard said...

...And Reddox just got called back up to the big club.

Yep Jason Gregor that on his blog the day Reddox was sent down. According to his Oil sources at that time he would be sent down for the all-star break and then immediately recalled before our next game.

So no surprises here and I think BBO probably read or heard the same thing before making this article.

DeBakey said...

"I wonder what Tambellini thinks of this situation"

He agrees with MacT
If he disagreed, Schremp would be called up

As for Reddox, he's filling in for Pisani - a checking forward.
Reddox has been playing as a checking forward, and doing reasonably well.
Even on Horcoff's wing, his role was Checking Forward.
For more info on this,
listen to MacT's comments on the airplane to Washington.

Red Deer Rebel said...

He agrees with MacT
If he disagreed, Schremp would be called up

I wouldn't go that far at all.

Tambellini has been very bullish on Schremp in every interview I've heard.

Tambellini likely brought up Reddox because that is the player MacT wanted. Simple as that.

The fact that Tambellini brings up a player the coach asked for doesn't mean he supports every stupid thing MacT says about other players in the system.

doritogrande said...

Is Schremp hurt, or was he HS'd for the last two games?

doritogrande said...

"Why is it that I don't see him being left in Springfield because HE isn't helping them win despite the fact that Brule and Potulny were there and newly acquired Stone and Willis were also there to help out? Will Potulny get the call instead? I mean he DID score 2 goals in 2 games for the Falcons after all."

I understand your frustration with the Reddox recall, but to be fair Potulny deserved to play in his All-Star game. I expect he'll be next in line for the recall after his particular outing at the game tonight. I'm hearing he went 2-4-6 on the night.

Bryanbryoil said...

Wow, 2gp. 0-0-0 -1 and 1 shot on goal warrants a promotion? What a fucking joke.

Different standards for people not under the MacT safety blanket. Oh well, he wasn't helping Springfield anyway and JF Jacques will be returning soon enough.

Bryanbryoil said...

ODH-My issue is that Reddox wouldn't have done ANY better and probably would've done worse yet he'd get the call anyway.

There is no "paying your dies" pecking order, there is no "best player gets the callup" structure in place, It's no wonder why the farm team is a mess and the teams top 3 AHL forwards sit in the A, while Reddox is an injury away from the top line.

As for Schremp ODH, Potulny had 1 more point IIRC in the same poor stretch by Schremp. No one was GREAT in that stretch and Lerg had all of 2 points in 16 games. Tough times all the way around.

oilerdiehard said...

Potulny had 1 point but no benching. Plus he was the teams leading scorer and unlike Schremp had received zero call ups for his efforts. So it is hard to knock Potulny getting the call IMO.

As I said I would never argue that MacT loves to play his favourites. He also has a fixation on defensive grinders who show hustle. He clearly has a history of over playing these guys and moving them into roles not suited to them. So no argument on that point.

I think the call up situation has little to do with the Falcons lack of success. I think that comment is spinning and twisting the lack of Schremp call ups into something bigger than it is. I am becoming more and more convinced it is coaching down there.

I think you could argue as many scorers have gotten call up this season as have grinders. Brule, Schremp, Potulny were called and Reddox, Sestito were called up on the grinder side.

Bryanbryoil said...

ODH-I haed no issue with Potulny's recall, never did. You mention how they've called up more scorers than grinders. Add Brule's, Schremp's, and Potulny's games played together and they don't equal Reddox's.

oilerdiehard said...

I know what you are saying Bryan. You are right in pointing out who stuck out of all of those call ups.

Do you think we call someone up now that Gags in out for 2 weeks? I wonder who it will be.

According to Gregor JFJ goes down on a conditioning stint on I think it is Feb 5th. Not until that date so he can get in the max amount of games. You will have to let us know how he looks. Thanks in advance bro.