Sunday, January 11, 2009

Half Way There?

After tonight's game, the Oilers will have played exactly half of their regular season schedule. Entering the game they are 19-18-3 41points, 109GF 120GA. Hardly a division contender. We've become accustomed to this type of mediocrity. Outside of the Cup run and the end of the '06-07 season where the team imploded due to injuries and the Smyth trade, this has been a mediocre team in every sense of the word.

A hamster running in place on a wheel seems to be the Oilers blueprint to success. Keep doing what hasn't worked for the better part of 10 years, and one day that wheel will break and the hamster will be free from his cage (or so they think).

With a win tonight the team could be a single point out of 8th place, with a loss they could be 5 or 6 points out. Every year the Avs look like a team that we should be able to pass in the standings, yet once again we get to see them ahead of us despite injuries.

Speaking of injuries, that will once again be the crutch of this teams management. Apparently we are the only team in the league that has to deal with injuries. We WERE healthy, and even when we were we sucked, so the injury excuse has no basis as a legit excuse.

We are taking on the worst team in our conference, a team that allows 0.5 more goals a game than they score on average. If we lose this game in regulation we are a grand total of 4 points out of the last spot in the conference. Anything less than a convincing win tonight should cost the coach his job.

This is it, this team cannot afford to wait any longer to get something going. It's fish or cut bait, shit or get off the pot, enough is enough. No more excuses, excuses are for losers. Do something soon, or risk having the fans turn on you en mass.


Moose said...

4-2 win...Ryan Potulny arrives midway through the second period (like the rest of the team) and scores the game winner.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I've traditionally supported MacT, but he's kind of lost it this year. Weird decisions all year and public outbursts at players. The latest verbal assault, of Schremp, makes even less sense. I don't disagree with what he said, but why you'd fire a rather vicious verbal assault at one of your own organizations young players is bizarre, particularly when they're not even playing on your squad at present. It can only hurt the player and his value around the league.

Beyond that, something has to change with this team. I'd like to see Moreau traded, personally.