Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Does Anyone Doubt that MacT Doesn't Like Schremp Now?

I've been saying this for some time. He has not given him the same opportunities as he has afforded to numerous other players. He still whines about the same deficiencies, and while I can agree with the curly haired blunder about the fact that Schremp could use more speed, the rest is a out and out load of shit.

He's improved defensively, he's gotten stronger on his skates, he's battled more in the corners, he's throwing hits now, he is passable in these areas. Weak on his skates? Send out Gagner some more coach, too slow? send out Gagner and Strudwick while you're at it. Not gritty enough? Have you met 3/4's of your team Mr. Mactavish? I suppose they should know better since their Captain is really playing a rough and tumble style of hockey and showing the way, what? He isn't? Oh, never mind.

I heard from someone that what Chimera went through was eerily similar, "work on this, no, now this, no, now go back to doing what you were doing before". Year after year, the same old shit. No wonder Chimera despises him so. I said it when Schremp was sent down, it's him or the coach. Schremp's potential departure alone isn't enough to force a coaching change, but what else does MacT have to fuck up to force Lowe to pull his thumb out of his ass so that he can sign MacT's pink slip?

This guy has more lives than 30 cats on Science Diet. I for one would love to see MacT canned, and then Schremp get his game on track at the AHL and then for him to get a REAL opportunity to stick with the big club. However I am already conceding that he will be dealt while MacT will remain coach here for all eternity. I would not stop cheering for the Oilers because any 1 player or prospect is dealt away, however it is inhumane to expect fans to put up with this asshole for any longer.

MacT wants a 3rd line center that can help him on the PK. Maybe if he stopped dragging players through the mud long enough they can have enough value that your GM doesn't have to get bent over and done dry in every single deal that he makes.

At this point, why do we even cheer this team on? It costs us time and $, and it's supposed to be entertainment. It'd be like going to a Metallica concert and the ban tells you that they're playing the B sides of their shittiest albums and you have to fork out mega bucks for it.

The fans pay the bills, maybe it's time to remind these arrogant bastards of that fact.


Yeti said...

Don't mean to pour oil on the fire (ouch, bad pun), but surely if Robbie had kept the same level of play and consistency from earlier in the season he would have been the one called up yesterday, rather than Potulny? Last time Nilsson went down, Schremp was the replacement (as promised) and I don't think it would have been different this time if his play hadn't tailed off so badly over the last dozen games.

Whether or not he is too slow and soft to play NHL is still an open question, and it's a shame that we probably won't find out now. However, surely Robbie is partially to blame for that?

Jeff said...

I think MaCt was frustrated as well. He finally was starting to see the guy improve and his +/- had gotten much better. Then he gets called up plays great and for obvious reasons gets sent down. Nothing wrong there. The problem is after he got sent down he started playing like crap and instead of improving on the things he talked about with MaCT he was regressing. It pisses me off as well because I'm thinking that he was so close he just needed to go back down and keep playing the same way and he'd be called up again.

hunter1909 said...

MacTavish is the face of a rotten organisation, possibly the biggest joke franchise outside the SE division.

I no longer give a fuck what happens to this team.

I know they're never going to compete worth a shit, until that tool gets canned, along with the moron Buchberger and all of the rest of the dynasty plugs living off other players reputations.

Gametime3000 said...

I agree with you whole heartedly that Mac-T needs to go and that Schremp will never get his chance while Mac-T is behind the bench. However, you cannot compare Schremp getting a chance like Gagner has. Gagner broke into the league on the fourth line playing fourth line minutes got 7 points in 7 games along with 2 shootout goals and basically forced management to keep him. He had the ability not to be sent down and thus had no choice but to get a shot, and in my eyes hasn't failed at all.

Bryanbryoil said...

My problem with MacT is that he is in essence saying that he cannot help the team or any team. If he just said that his play has really tailed off, I could live with that because it is a fact.

My issue is the rest of the crap thrown out there. He showed that he could play and not be a liability while also producing. And deserved a longer look.

The fact of the matter is that while he was up, MacT was just licking his chops to see Nilsson and Gagner return so that he could be rid of Schremp.

He keeps beating the same freaking drum despite the fact that Schremp has gotten stronger, faster, and grittier since last season.

Instead of saying that he's right on the edge of being an NHLer and that he's seen improvement in the kid, he throws him under the bus.

I speculated that there was an exchange between player and coach when he was sent down. I sure as hell hope that my speculation is true, because I hope that he gave MacT an earful before bowing out of the organization.