Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rob Schremp is Far From the Only One Struggling in Springfield

Here is what current Falcons and Oilers (in Potulny's case) have done since Rob Schremp's return to the AHL on 12/19/08

Potulny 11gp. 4-4-8 -6 41sog. 6pim.

Schremp 17gp. 4-4-8 -12 40sog. 4pim.

Corrazini 19gp. 4-4-8 -2 52sog. 4pim.

Brule 7gp. 3-1-4 -2 16sog. 7pim.

Lerg 19gp. 1-2-3 -8 36sog. 10pim.

As you can see, it isn't pretty all the way around. Potulny has some nice offensive numbers in comparison and has really been the only guy other than 2/3's of the teams former 3rd line of Corrazini and Bekar that hasn't struggled mightily.

Schremp's -12 is inflated due to 3 EN goals against, however a -9 isn't exactly pretty either. This has been the best that Corrazini has played all year and he still produced the same as Schremp offensively in 2 more games (however it will be interesting to see how his stats are affected by the loss of fellow AHL journeyman Derek Bekar).

Brule had a 3 game point streak where he went 3-1-4 and has done nothing offensively in his last 3 games since returning from Edmonton. Bryan Lerg has been many shades of suck in this stretch yet coach Truitt continues to saddle Schremp with the unproductive winger.

So while it is obvious that Schremp isn't getting the results that he should be, really other than the guy that earned his call-up, who has been? Not that this excuses Schremp's lack of production, but usually when a team is struggling and so are your linemates, it is hard to produce.

Of course many of the same people that point to his poor PPG and his horrid +/- in this stretch would fail to recognize that he's scored 4 of his 5 goals this season, after all, they were the ones saying that he wasn't very good when he was dishing out ES assists like candy, was a PPG player, and was a well above + player.

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