Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something that Should Be Keeping Oilers Fans Up at Night

With Craig MacTavish having more lives than a cat population at a no kill shelter, and his contract coming to an end.....

Will Lowebellini do the unthinkable and become a buyer at the deadline? And by buyer, I mean MAJOR overhauls and bringing in numerous veterans to try and rekindle the "magic" of '05-06.

If that is the case, we could be seeing the Oilers take a gigantic step backwards just so that the old boys club can stay intact and play with their Rainbow Bright and Cabbage Patch dolls, or whatever the hell they do to remain tighter than a lug nut.

The issue I see with this strategy is three fold.

1) Anytime that you trade assets under contract for assets that can walk in a few months, and more than likely WILL walk in a few months, it is cause for concern. When you factor in that there could be numerous players walking including Erik Cole, you could be looking at a rebuild without players to step in as the teams depth chart will have undoubtedly taken a hit in the trades.

2) We are not very deep prospect wise. Look at the Falcons, and while we have a few nice looking prospects in the CHL and NCAA ranks as well as a dark horse like Linus Omark, we could be razor thin in terms of NHL depth and quality prospects with NHL futures.

3) Overpaying the players for one good playoff run. Sound familiar? Yeah I though so ;)

In all honesty that is sort of how I felt in our cup run year, that Lowe was trying his damnedest to keep his old pal around. If it happens again, we could be really FUBARed this time.

I am anticipating it, so should you. Forgive me for the nightmares that this post will undoubtedly spawn. I meant you no harm ;)

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hunter1909 said...

Of course they will try to rekindle 2006. Its the only thing separating them from the UIC line.