Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Schremp Wins and I Fail on The Pipeline Show

Rob Schremp took the high road on his interview with The Pipeline Show's Guy Flaming and Dean Millard, however I became roadkill on their Bad Ass Trivia segment. Schremp basically said that he would've preferred if the coach would've made those comments to his face or on the phone instead of in the media.

The 22 year old New York native showed class and restraint in responding to MacT's razor sharp verbal darts. He maintains that he wants to be an Oiler, if the team wants him to get stronger and faster he will, because they are his employer and he wants to get back to the show.

He also said that he pretty well had it figured out that he'd once again be the odd man out when Nilsson returned. For a kid that was supposedly deemed to have had a major attitude problem, this guy says the right things in the media. What he may/may not say off the record could possibly be different, but he is a very well spoken individual.

Someone once jokingly remarked that MacT doesn't like him because he'd no longer be the best quote on the team if Schremp became a fixture in Edmonton. In this "war of words" Schremp came out with a clear cut KO.

Now me on the other hand, I played the role of MacT in Bad Ass Trivia tonight. 0-4 with only 1/2 of 1 question correct. I couldn't persuade Guy or Dean to ask me Rob Schremp, Springfield Falcons, or Oilers trivia, and as a result, I took some serious damage. It was all in good fun though!


Jonathan said...

Good stuff by Schremp - that's exactly the right thing to say publicly given MacT's comments (which I didn't like).

Hey, did you watch last night's game - not just three, but four scoring lines!

Penner - Horcoff - Reddox/Brule
Potulny - Gagner - Cole
Moreau - Cogliano - Pouliot
MacIntyre - Brodziak - Reddox/Brule

... with the fourth line kicking in a bunch of the offense ;)

Bryanbryoil said...

I actually missed the game. The team would still look soooo much better minus #85 and + #88 though ;)