Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bisaillon Bomb is Missing in Springfield

Once again Sebastien Bisaillon was sent back to the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. Meanwhile Robbie Bina remains in Springfield? This move makes no sense to me and if there is one issue that I have with new coach Rob Daum, it's that he (like former coach Truitt) hasn't done a very good job of utilizing the Bisaillon bomb.

Let's look at these players stats head to head...

Sebastien Bisaillon 6-0 200lbs. 12/8/86
Stockton ECHL 11gp. 1-3-4 +1 29sog. 6pim.
Springfield AHL 31gp. 5-7-12 -1 60sog. 21pim.

Robbie Bina 5-8 180lbs. 1/4/83
Stockton ECHL 28gp. 1-7-8 -2 31sog. 26pim.
Springfield AHL 19gp. 1-5-6 -9 12sog. 20pim.

Bisaillon is bigger, younger, more physical, a better goal scorer, has a better +/- in both leagues, takes less penalties, and quite frankly is a far superior player.

This makes no sense at all. Bisiallon's point shot is an exceptional one at the AHL level, he's been in the organization a year longer, I simply cannot grasp why Bina has taken a away time from Bisiallon. The only thing that I can even begin to wonder is if it isn't to give Taylor Chorney a familiar face from UND? Because Bina certainly hasn't earned the promotion's based on his play compared to others.

Bisiallon may not have the same upside as Chorney and Wild, but he does have enough of an upside that he should be playing over Bina and Mike Gabinet. Further more they stripped Bisaillon of his #21 when Shane Willis signed with the Falcons. IMO this player deserves better and it would be a BIG mistake if the Oilers organization casts him away while keeping Bina.

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