Sunday, March 1, 2009

Schremp Just Played His Last Game as Oilers Property

That is what I am anticipating. I have already come to the realization that there's a 99% chance that he's been dealt before the Falcons step on the ice at 7:00PM EST on Wednesday. I for one will miss his flair for the game, his exceptional puck skills, and watching him grow as a player and a professional. I have invested a ton of time watching and defending the kid from Syracuse New York, and I know that it's time to loosen the ties that I have with him as he will no longer be a part of my teams organization.

No longer will I be ordering AHL games primarily looking forward to seeing what new trick #44 pulls out of his sleeve, no more will I see #44 driving the bus offensively for the Falcons, no more will I get to hope that one day #88 lines up on the opposite side of the PP from #83 rifling onetimers at the net. It's all over, Schremp will be gone.

My only hopes are that he goes to a team that I watch other than the Oilers (my wife watches the Leafs and Sabres so that would be a seemingly seamless transition), or that he goes to a team that believes in his skill set and is willing to give him an opportunity at the NHL level. No matter what anyone may say about the kid, I still believe that he will be an effective NHLer, a 2nd line guy and top PP unit guy at worst and at best a Marc Savard/Tim Connoly type that can be run out on the top line when they reach their mid-late 20's.

Perhaps the Oilers organization has gotten all that they can out of him, and it will take a new voice to take him to that next level, either way IMO he will get there. Any American team looking for an American born kid that is a great quote and is smooth with the media, this is your guy.

Whatever happens, happens, I may not like it for personal or hockey reasons, but it's coming either way. So long Schremp, I will still be keeping an eye on you, just with less excitement and with a whole lot less invested in you. Cheers, it will take a special prospect to get me anywhere near as excited as you have made me over the years while I watch you work your magic on the ice.

Hopefully wherever you go the coaching staff coaxes you into shooting the puck more, I still believe that there's a sniper under that extraordinary playmaking ability. Cheers and best of luck to you, from your #1 fan, Bryanbryoil

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