Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Coach Finally Gets the Axe!

The 50 game mark was the end of the line for Jeff Truitt in Springfield, too bad that the firing came at last 20 games too late. Instead of having over 1/2 a season for the new coach to rally the troops he has all of 30 games to do so with a 17 point deficit and just 1 game in hand to work with.

On the bright side they have 5 games remaining with the team holding the 4th and final playoff spot in the Atlantic Division (Worcester) and 4 against the team holding the 3rd (Portland), so if they were to win 7 of those 9 games, that would really help their seemingly impossible cause. Thus far they are 1-2-2 against the Worcester Sharks and 2-3-1 against Portland, so that would be quite incredible as they have been the Sharks whipping boys so far this year and have barely fared better against the Pirates.

Realistically the fans should expect this team to improve, however barring a complete turn around and this team playing like a Division leader (I've felt that the talent is here to do just that) they will miss the playoffs and probably by a fair margin. However if they can play hard and improve their individual as well as team games with a new sheriff in town, at least the year can end on a positive note.

And maybe, just maybe if Daum does a good enough job it could show the Oilers brass that a coaching change worked for their 2 minor league affiliates, and maybe it's time for MacT to go. And who knows, if he does a good enough job, maybe he gets promoted to the big club next year? If I wore #44, #17, or #19 in Springfield, I'd be doing my best to impress Mr. Daum as he could be behind the Oilers bench next season.


Anonymous said...

Flaming seems to feel that the Falcon's will be more offensive under Daum. I hope so, it's tough to evaluate players when everybody (except Potulny) is scoring less than the year before.

Bryanbryoil said...

The Falcons have the horses to play that game. I hope they get a chance to do just that and encourage Wild and Chorney to jump in and rush the puck.