Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few Things that Rob Daum Can Do to Improve the Falcons in a Hurry

With the Falcons new coach showing up before game time on Wednesday, there will be little time for him to implement his system, speak to individual players, or really do much of anything other than brainstorm how to approach his new job.

As someone that has watched a ton of Falcons hockey over the last 2 years and someone who knows most of the players strengths and weaknesses, here are some simple changes that could be made to maximize the Falcons offense.

1)Take Mathieu Roy off the top PP unit and then later on tell him that to ever be a full time NHLer he needs to focus on defense and scrap trying to be an offensive player.

2)Play Cody Wild and Taylor Chorney on the top PP unit along with Brule, Potulny, and Schremp. For whatever reason, Truitt RARELY played Brule with the other 2 forwards that I listed above on the PP. He is a skilled forward and should be complimenting Schremp and Potulny instead of being on the 2nd unit.

3)Run the 2nd PP unit through Slava Trukhno and have Sebastien Bisaillon and Theo Peckham on the points and Ryan Stone and Bryan Lerg (when healthy) up front complimenting Trukhno. If Lerg isn't available, it's time to see what O'Marra can do with offensive minded line mates in an offensive situation. Even as just a potential NHL checker his offensive stats aren't acceptable.

4)ES lines:

5)Sit Jake Taylor or Bryan Young in favor of Sebastien Bisaillon. The Falcons have 4 primarily defensive d-men in Bryan Young, Theo Peckham, Mathieu Roy, and Jake Taylor that play a regular shift, 5 if you include Mike Gabinet. It's time to pic your top 3 defensive d-men and supplement them with Wild, Chorney, and Bisaillon. The team needs offense and Bisaillon's slapper is a great weapon on the PP.


Jonathan Willis said...

I just looked at your ES lines - were you planning to scratch the captain, or is he still injured from the game in Worcester?

Bryanbryoil said...

Sorry for the late response, but Sestito hadn't been doing much prior to my post so it was probably a little bit of both. He was stirring the pot on Saturday though.