Sunday, February 15, 2009

So Daum Has Lost His First 3 Games As Falcons Coach

Well, when you have only 1/2 a week to stop the Titanic from sinking when it's headed nose first into the water and Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicraprio are riding the ship into the water. What do you expect? While there were obvious positives like the offensive production by Jean Francois Jacques on his conditioning stint and Rob Schremp also doing what he should've been doing all year long by being a 1+ PPG player on the weekend, The fact remains that they still extended the teams losing streak to an embarrassing 11 games.

However the team needs to have a series of practices under the new coach before he can be seen as anything more than a bystander. The Falcons will play their 4th game in 5 days against the Portland Pirates on Tuesday, but after that they will be off until Friday before a 3rd consecutive weekend with 3 games in 3 days. In between Wednesday and Friday we'll see what the new coach has up his sleeve.

There are positive signs with the new coach, but the fact remains that he joined the team mired in an 8 game losing streak and virtually no time to practice with the team. Tough spot to be in, but I think that this weekend will see a better version of the Falcons, and if not it'll just be business as usual on the farm. It takes time to build confidence in a team as putrid as the Falcons have been, unfortunately for Rob Daum time is not a luxury that he has to work with.


Yeti said...

What's the goaltending been like the last few days? Has Sabourin had a shot - or are they riding Dubnyk hard still?

Bryanbryoil said...

I only got to watch the Saturday game as my Mother In Law is visiting, but Sabourin looked solid. He played in Saturdays game and kept them in it except for one poor SO goal given up to former Oiler Mike York.

Yeti said...

Thanks. I cannot believe Mike York is in the AHL. He must have suffered with injury trouble or something? I used to really like him as an Oiler.