Thursday, March 5, 2009

As if Reddox On the Top Line Wasn't Enough For 'Ya!

Now we end up with Fernando Pisani on the top PP unit, Seriously people, we are in a playoff race, this is not the time to try stuff that would get junior coaches shit canned. If you are a Craig Mactavish fan (hard to believe that a MacT fan would frequent my Blog), this HAS to have you asking WTF?

Yes I've heard the whole Reddox on the top line shtick about power Vs. power. The interesting thing is that he wasn't even in that role in Springfield, but once he steps into the NHL suddenly he's ready to take on and outscore the best that the NHL has to offer? I call bull shit. But at least that is something that people could hang their hat on and use as a crutch if necessary.

But the top PP unit with our PP QB and Souray? We get that MacT has a hard on for Dustin Penner and that he'd rather give an usherette his minutes on the top PP unit, but besides Penner there is this other fella that we just acquired named Patrick O'Sullivan. Yeah, a LH shooter that can carry and dish the puck pretty damn well to boot.

Instead of placing him into a situation to succeed, once again MacT is looking to mold players into his morbidly boring style of play. Just what we needed, to acquire a guy with a $3 millionish cap hit to treat him like Penner or Nilsson. This is getting beyond ridiculous. MacT wishes that he could have 3 lines of Liam Reddox' and Fernando Pisani's and 1 line of highly skilled players like Hemsky and Horcoff, yeah I said it, Horcoff.

There needs to be a new coach, I was of the approach that we may as well just wait until the end of the year, but quite frankly, I don't want to see O'Sullivan crapped on the same way that Penner, Nilsson, Schremp, Garon, etc. have been crapped on. Fire this worthless bum already, taking crap only motivates you so much before you start bucking the system.

Enough is enough Lowe, no matter who you bring in this checker fanboy will try to screw with their head and use them out of position or place them in a situation to fail. By any means necessary get rid of MacT. It's been painfully obvious that this is a decision that has been years overdue.


hunter1909 said...
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Nathan said...

I've really liked O'Sullivan ever since last year in LA and I'm seriously worried Mactavish will ruin a great player for us.

Bryanbryoil said...

Agreed Nathan, he's done it many times before he needs to hit the bricks in a hurry IMO. He's done more damage than good that's for damn sure.

Nathan said...

actually i was really sad when Tortorella went to the Rangers because i thought he would be a great coach for this team.

Bryanbryoil said...

The bottom line is that IMO we need a career coach that has experience with young players and doesn't shy away from offensive creativity and a fast skating style of play. I've liked what I've seen of Rob Daum so far in Springfield, not sire if he's the best guy for the Oilers job, but he fits most of my criteria.

RaoulDuke said...

I agree with that guy. My biggest fear is that Partick O'Sullivan is going to turn into another pile of garbage 3rd line scrub playing under MacTavish.