Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You Participate in Hockey Pools and Are an Oilers Fan, This is What You Need to Know

For the love of God don't pick newly acquired Oilers forwards as long as Craig Mactavish is coach. Lupul, Penner, Cole. 3 seasons, 3 high profile forwards that have underachieved under this coach. Don't be fooled by Patrick O'Sullivan's talent or Ales Kotalik being "a great complement for Hemsky", they will underachieve and you will eat crap in your pool.

As a matter of fact, outside of Hemsky don't bother selecting an Oiler in the box pools as long as Craig is behind the bench. If the Oilers happen to sign Jagr in the offseason, don't hold your breath that he will return to Art Ross form here under our clueless leader.

If these players have folded under MacT's watch, who's to say what a guy like Hemsky could do under different leadership? Grebeshkov? Nilsson? Pouliot? The list goes on and on. While this team may not have much in terms of elite talent at the forward position, I doubt that people can look at every Oilers forward not wearing #83 on his back and say that there is no talent on this team.

Hemsky, Nilsson, Gagner, Cogliano, Penner, Horcoff, O'Sullivan is this any worse than Weight, Smyth, Carter, Comrie, etc.? I certainly don't think so, on top of that this team has a much better defense than what was in place when MacT took over the post as Oilers coach. Yet the players change but the game remains the same.

Stifling a new players confidence year after year and then throwing them under the bus, that's the MacT way of coaching. With so many competent employees worldwide standing in the unemployment line, it is rather amazing that this goof can continue to make the same mistakes year after year and still remain with no expiration date in sight.

Hey, maybe MacT can run for office later, because he'd fit right in, and that's probably the only other job that would hold him unaccountable for his actions.


Jonathan Willis said...

Don't pick Kotalik anyway - he doesn't score anywhere but on the powerplay, no matter how many folks figure he'll look great on Hemsky's wing.

He won't be a fit.

Destroyko said...

You may be right about Oiler forwards...but Souray has contributed strongly to me being at the top of my pool.

Nathan said...

i made a rule to myself to never pick an Oiler in any pool no matter what, it makes life simpler.