Monday, March 9, 2009

Penner Could Still Thrive Here

This guy gets the short end of the stick from the coach, fans, and the media. It's a common practice for people to take shots at those that appear bigger or stronger than them because if they can get away with it, it makes them feel better about themselves. Penner is getting fed up with it, you can see it when he's interviewed, and he's at a breaking point.

I hear people saying that he's happy as can be because his wallet is as fat as fans and media would like you to think that he is. This is a guy that was thrown to the wolves last year, big new contract, picks on the line, and the perceived replacement of long time fan favorite Ryan Smyth.

This season he was left for dead to start the year, from 1st line to 3rd and minimal PP time despite the fact that his big body presence improves the Oilers PP. A nagging knee injury has hampered him all season long. In the preseason he looked like a different player, speedier, and overall very effective.

IMO the injury as well as a back injury early in the year have limited his effectiveness. On top of it, the Oilers coach, fans, and media aren't willing to give him any slack what so ever. For Dustin Penner this season cannot end soon enough and he maybe at the point of no return.

Penner may never become a crash and bang kind of a guy on a regular basis, but he could still be an effective player. A change in coach would go a long way to mending Penner's relationship with Oilers nation. This player and Craig Mactavish simply cannot co-exist beyond this season. The cuts are too deep and there is obviously no love loss between the two.

As a matter of fact, if we were to hear about a player and coach getting into a physical fight behind closed doors, my money would be on these two being involved. My fear is that we will once again lose a key role player with a good upside because he didn't belong to club Mactavish.

A fresh start under a new coach, and a summer of healing could finally allow Edmonton a chance to see what Kevin Lowe and myself saw in Dustin Penner before the RFA offer sheet. A big player that is effective in front of the net and be a 30+ goal scorer while being a major contributor on the PP.


Darren said...

You think everyone is taking shots at Penner because it makes them feel better about themselves? That is shocking. wow

Bryanbryoil said...

He's hardly the only guy that has been crapping the bed this year, he just so happens to be the biggest and highest paid forward to do do.

Horcoff, Nilsson, Gagner, etc. have all had rough years but Penner gets the most crap for it.