Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Must Win For the Boys in Copper and Blue

I don't care how they get it done, they need this win if they are serious about making the playoffs. You simply cannot afford to lose to a lottery team this late in the year when you are in the thick of a playoff race. Whether the top line finally comes alive, the 4th line crashes and bangs their way to victory with a few ugly goals, whether Roli looks like Dominik Hasek circa '99, just get the job done.

Yes the Thrashers are surging, yes Kovalchuk is torching the league, but for crying out loud, NO EXCUSES. Nothing short of 2 points tonight can be considered anything but a complete and utter failure. If they can't win tonight Lowe may as well put his buddy out of his misery, or MacT could put us out of our misery by finally stepping down.

No excuses, no two points equals epic fail.

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