Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time For the Edmonton Sports Media to Grow a Pair

Seriously, the fact that the people that write the papers and do radio aren't openly calling for MacT to hit the bricks is sickening. I know that Katz owns the Journal, but will anyone out there step up and say what most fans are thinking. FIRE MACT! If not now then for crying out loud do it at the end of the year unless the Cup comes back to Edmonton.

The city eats, sleeps, and breathes Oilers hockey and unless you live on sunshine and antidepressants, you should not be happy with this team under the Craigger. Of course it isn't my job on the line in these tough economic times, but seriously a sports writer that stands up for Joe Blow fan could really bolster his popularity by going against the popular ass kissing of coaching and management while trashing individual players norm.

Sometimes it seems as if MacT writes or pre-approves some of the articles that you read out there (obviously not, because he takes so much time to produce a stellar on ice product). Let the headlines say what many passionate fans feel, 8 years is all that we can take, 8 years is all that we will take, it's time to bring Oilers hockey back, it's time for a change, in the coaching staff and in the media's handling of the coaching issue.

Sound off like you've got a pair and let the fans and ownership know, it's time for a change.


Nathan said...

It's always been my problem with Edmonton. The Media is clearly blind to not understand that Mactavish is completely stupid and ignorant.

dstaples said...

Why the obsession with what the MSM says or doesn't say? I mean, I'm sure that Dan Barnes and Terry Jones might well be flattered, but they're just two opinions in a sea of opinions.

Fans have their say now. They're making their feelings loud and clear every day on the blogs and on radio.

So what would it matter what Barnes or Jones said? The fans, who buy tickets, are speaking right now with season ticket renewals. That will count far more than anything any one at the paper or on radio has to say.

And it could also be they simply disagree with you, as opposed to be anatomically incorrect :)