Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cogliano As a Trading Chip Part 2

I know that this isn't a popular opinion, but it just makes too much sense. At the very least I expect Nilsson to be moved.

Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson, O'Sullivan, Brule, and Schremp are all similar in stature although Brule plays a much feistier game than the rest of the crew. Nilsson can be replaced by Schremp if need be at a discount, and if not definitely by O'Sullivan. Brule also can slide into a 3rd line checking role (what Cogs was relegated to for the latter half of the season).

Of the bunch Cogliano has probably the 2nd best trade value behind only Gagner. Cogliano is not a very good puck distributor and is terrible on draws. Gagner can score as well as pass, and the same can be said of O'Sullivan. They are our 2 most versatile "smurfs".

Cogliano offers upside and promise before all of his warts are visible in a few years. He still offers the promise of getting better, however sometimes you have to pick your spots and sell early before a players worth depreciates.

Look at Rob Schremp for an example, his trade value has plummeted the last 3 seasons. While Cogs is an NHL proven commodity, I just don't see him ever really being a true star in this league.

He will be a solid NHL player, no doubt, but if we can get a young power forward type in exchange for Cogs, it would be a win for the Oilers. Or as I've said before, use him to take a stab at an elite prospect in this years draft.

This team needs a franchise player, the draft is our best bet to do so. The Oilers organization and their fans have long overvalued their players and prospects, and if the team can learn from its mistakes they might be able to make bold moves while the players values are high instead of waiting for them to fall out of favor and sell them at bargain basement prices.

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