Friday, April 17, 2009

Ding, Dong, MacT is Gone!!! Moving Forward as an Organization

Now that the biggest hurdle has been cleared by Steve Tambellini (killing the old boys club), the Oilers rookie GM still has some work to do. The leadership group obviously had some fault in this seasons collapse and as much as I dislike MacT, it wasn't ALL his fault.

Moving forward...

Players that I don't want to see back next season:

Ethan Moreau-Probably the poorest excuse of a season of leadership that I have ever seen out of an Oilers captain, by whatever means necessary get rid of Moreau.

Steve Staios-Moreau's close friend and ally, and also overpaid for his contributions to the team. With our top 4 expecting to make big bucks, we need to fill out our final 3 d spots with cheap but effective defensemen.

Dwayne Roloson-Let him leave, he deserves to be chasing after a cup, not the playoffs. Time for the Oilers to give Deslauriers a chance and see if we can find a younger goalie in the mean time to fill the starter spot if JDD isn't ready.

Liam Reddox-Too small to play the style that we need our bottom 6 to play.

Jason Strudwick-A fine utility player but he doesn't bring enough speed or physical play to be much of an impact player in any way, shape, or form.

Fernando Pisani-Overpaid for what he brings, we need to shed salary as no one will take Horcoff's salary.

Players that I want to see get another shot under a new coach:

Dustin Penner-He has the size and the skill to be an effective player, he just needs to have a coach that can play him to his strengths and show confidence in him.

Ladislav Smid-He wants to grab the bull by the horns, and he is good enough to not see the PB again for some time.

Patrick O'Sullivan-Wow did his game ever go into the crapper after his first few games here and getting macblendered everywhere.

Rob Schremp-No more excuses about the coaching staff, you want it kid, work your ass off and go get it, if not, then fuck off into obscurity.

Gilbert Brule-His speed and shot as well as sometimes chippy play still has him on my radar, however his injury history is troubling.

JF Jacques-Size and physical play, a cheap but effective 4th liner IMO.

Steve MacIntyre-Did his job, deserves to have an NHL spot next TC.

Marc Pouliot-Showed some nice flashes this year but like many others could use the confidence of a new coach.

Players that I want to re-sign:

Ales Kotalik-Size and a good shot as well as chemistry with Hemsky, a reasonable contract for the 2nd Ales would be a wise choice IMO.

Ladislav Smid-A cheap 2-3 year deal would be just what the Dr. ordered.

Dennis Grebeshkov-If we can get him locked up for decent coin, it's a no-brainer not to.

Trade Bait:

Andrew Cogliano-Holds value, but if this team is to get bigger or better we have to dangle a solid asset like Cogs.

Tom Gilbert-Same as Cogliano except the size. To get quality, you have to trade quality.

Robert Nilsson-If Cogs goes we might be able to keep Rowbear, but he's another guy that I feel that we could do without at this point.

UFA Bait:

Jay Bouwmeester-If the rumors are true, you land him and do it happily. Franchise d-man that's entering his prime and fits in perfectly with out puck moving defense corps.

Havlat/Gaborik-Toss them 2-3 years or so in the $5-$6 million range and hope that they bite because the market is potentially in turmoil.

Players to pursue via trade:

Scott Hartnell-Big/physical winger that can put the puck in the net.

Anyone that can score with a decent contract that's over 6'1" in height :)

Trading up in the Draft or at least acquiring at least one more 1st rounder:

It's very important that this team makes one last stab at acquiring a top notched pick in a deep draft just in case this team suddenly becomes a perennial playoff team. Losing is no longer acceptable so I suspect that the GM will be given the green light to become a buyer from here on out. This is THE draft that could make or break our next decade as a team. We NEED an impact player, scratch that, we need a FRANCHISE PLAYER. This is our chance to land one, throw the kitchen sink in to get it done.

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