Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Happier Than a Pig in Shit! MacT is GONE!!!

The news that I have been waiting for for what seems like forever finally came today. Seeing this coach year after year behind the bench was like having an itch that you just can't scratch and it gets to the point that you are willing to break your own arm to use your broken arm as a back scratcher.

Words cannot explain the disdain that I had for MacT, or as I like to call him "the murderer and molester of Oilers hockey". Emotion was thrown to the wind under his watch, skill-less grinders were his idea of game changers, and anyone that wasn't 100% committed to defense found their way into his dog house.

He'd try to get scorers to check and checkers to score, physical players to play controlled and non physical players to play physical. This guy was a clusterfuck of a coach, there's no nice way of putting it. Stubborned, narcissistic, and flat out a piss poor coach for almost his entire tenure, this is a move that literally came years too late.

On the bright side, I was almost certain that somehow, someway, he was going to once again start the year as the man behind the bench. I had had enough, I was trying to distance myself from the team just in case he was to return.

In one fell swoop that has all changed, Steve Tambellini is the fucking MAN!!! O'Sullivan and Kotalik for Cole, and now this? Lowe may have screwed a lot of things up in his tenure here, but he sure seems to have picked a winner for a successor.

No more fire MacT thread, posts, or arguments. No more listening to Mr. I am holier than thou because I won Cups 15 years ago and before as a player. It's a brand new start, and fresh blood just set the tone for the next generation of Oilers. A generation where mediocrity is not accepted, neither is half assed leadership, nor half assed efforts.

The Steve Tambellini era has begun, and the MacT era has come to an end. Man the latter half of that last sentence sure feels nice to type!


hunter1909 said...

I'm almost as happy as you are. I also had decided not to bother with the Oilers anymore, with MacT as coach.

Enough is enough.

Next season? Who cares? So long as they can Moreau and Staios as Captain and Assistant Captain, and purge those loser assistants of MacT's.

Peter Laviolette would have probably won us the cup in 2006, had coaches been magically switched prior to that series. I'd probably hire him, or even old Irishman Pat Quinn - if no other reason than the comedy he brings.

RaoulDuke said...

I'd be a lot happier if I had some assurance that idiot Lowe isn't going to be calling shots. He should have been out the door first holding it open for MacT.

How he snuck under the radar in all this is beyond me.

hunter1909 said...

Tambellini is completely in charge. Katz is the owner don't forget. Katz isn't stupid.

Lowe is no longer the big dog, it's Katz. And Katz has given Tambellini the reins of power. That was clear from his demeanor at the MacT firing press conference.

lol@"that idiot Lowe", nevertheless.

RaoulDuke said...

Ah yes, I forgot that body language tells the entire hierarchy in an organization. How foolish of me.

I'll believe it when Tambellini really makes his own mark on this team, or corrects one of Lowe's mistakes.

Bryanbryoil said...

I really believe that Tambo is in charge, IMO he took a few shots at MacT and that wouldn't be like Lowe. The part about "we have skill on this team and I want to see it" was a direct shot at MacT.

Also the fact that MacT didn't resign tells me that Tambo forced his hand.

Time will tell, but I'm liking what I see so far.