Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Would Be Fitting If This Is the Game That Seals Mactavish's Fate

If Oilers fans had a dollar for every time that the Oilers didn't show up on time, we'd be collectively richer than Daryl Katz based on that form of income alone. Not showing up to games and playing nurse a lead are probably my 2 biggest issues with the current coach.

It's time to take those strategies and toss them into the port a potty. The coach needs to be changed, as does this teams remaining long term leadership group. Only then can this team take the next step.

Moreau is our last tie to the 90's Oilers, and it's time to cut that tie. Staios may as well be cast off as well as they are close friends and cut from the same cloth. Perhaps whoever our new coach will be (assuming that we no longer have to see MacT running this gong show) we may as well try to bring in some of his former leaders or at least a former leader to help make the transition smoother.

This leadership group should be scrap heaped and shit canned ASAP.


raventalon40 said...

If it's Kelly Buchberger, I aint buying it.

Bryanbryoil said...

Why would that surprise anyone??? I could see it now.....

"Look at the job he did in Springfield, when he left they became the worst team in the league"

Son of a BITCH! This is too painfully predictable. This is like pro wrestling minus hot chicks parading around in bikini's trying to PLEASE the fans.

The Oilers are quickly becoming the Brooklyn Brawler of the NHL.

hunter1909 said...

Or Randy the Ram.