Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TWO Many Shades Of Fail, Playoffs Then Omark, Yay!

Seriously, this team would be better off shutting its doors and reopening in a year as an expansion franchise. Overpaid players, incompetent coaches, incompetent management, brutal on and off ice leadership, what a complete and utter cluster fuck this team has become.

It's a shame that IF we're lucky only the coach will hit the bricks this off season. Scouting, former GM, and the Rexall DJ are all in need of a good public shit canning. Daryl Katz needs to take a page out of Gordan Ramsay's play book "you can't win, you're a fucking joke you bloody donkey! Clean up this mess Lowe or I'll find someone that will! Fucking idiots!".

No accountability from top to bottom, it's like a grade school where the kids are the teachers and they teach the adults how to pick their noses, play ring around the rosey, and how not to play with others. I swear, maybe when MacT and Lowe feel the need to move on they can look for CEO jobs with GM and AIG, because like those companies, they are getting paid handsomely while tearing down the foundation of once solid companies.

Oh well, Omark is history, whatever talent and promise he may have been able to add to our team is gone. But at least we can relish the superb bargain basement deals that we have Horcoff, Moreau, Pisani, and Staios signed to. Oh yeah, something else is missing, let's sign Reddox to a 5 year $12.5 million deal!

Grinders agents dealing with Kevin Lowe must feel like shooting fish in a barrel, a barrel with 1/2 and inch of water in it, and the fish are dead. Bend over again Lowe, we don't need Omark, we need Liam (Toby) Reddox to lead our team next year so that Craig MacTavish can be pacified in having one of his favorite water bugs to lean on in the tough times.

Why do we spend so much time analyzing and cheering for this team again? Oh yeah, because we're gluttons for punishment. Katz do it right, CLEAN HOUSE!


hunter1909 said...

The team is totally fucked.

If MacCrapper goes, the organisation is purged ala Stalinist Russia, Moreau is put on waivers, I just might bother next season.

Were there to be any fucking IDEA in my head that this "team" is staying the same, in any major way, I'm burning my Oilers fan club card.

I've been a fan since 1983. After all the heartache and bollock-ache, time to forget about this pansy assed league.

Bryanbryoil said...

I agree, I cannot handle any more of MacT's bullshit.