Saturday, April 11, 2009

MacT Hopefully Sent His Last Parting Shot At Penner and Nilsson

The new GM probably isn't doing MacT any favors in terms of his job security, and Craig Mactavish certainly isn't doing Tambellini and either. In sitting Penner and Nilsson, it raises yet another red flag on these players to opposing organizations. That has been one of Mactavish's biggest weaknesses as coach. Bitch about what you don't have and how crappy your players are without taking the time to realize that your GM can't polish what you've announced to the rest of the league is a turd.

Penner, Nilsson, Schremp, Pouliot, Winchester, Rita, Garon, Conklin, the list goes on and on. Did it ever occur to this man that as a result of his bitching that he made his job and that of his friend THAT much harder? You NEVER diminish your assets value. Asset management is a major part of any business. Buying high and selling low is a great recipe to be getting bailouts from the US government or going tits up as a business.

Hopefully this is the last "jab" from this coach, and Tambellini can tell the potential new coaches to do their frickin job and let him do his. That's what SMART businesses do.

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