Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quit Complaining, It's Katz' Team, Not Yours

If you have ever felt like the Oilers management and even ownership could care less about Joe Blow fan while holding their hands out to milk every red cent out of you, you were probably right.

I don't mind Daryl Katz being an emotional guy and really into the team, but instead of saying that MacTavish is going nowhere, how about checking the pulse from the people that make your enormous toy profitable?

The fans aren't cheering? Funny how we get bitched out for not cheering this crap that they call "Oilers hockey" despite getting bent over without the courtesy of some vaseline, roses, or even a freaking Happy Meal, people shell out large chunks of money for tickets, concessions, parking, PPV's, merchandise, sports packages, etc. That's all well and good, but keep your mouth shut unless you're cheering because you're just a pee-on.

Katz maybe a private person, and I can fully respect that, however IMO he's come off as a rich, whiny, dictator. If he's cool with this team running in circles, fine, he owns the damn thing. But it's time to let him eat shit on his investment, like we have ALL eaten shit on ours. If MacT returns, cancel your season tickets, stop buying merchandise, and stop wasting another plum nickel on this group of holier than thou big whig's.

If our voices don't count, then lets take our money to somewhere that it does. If MacT returns I cannot cheer this team on like I have in the past, I will get me entertainment value elsewhere.

If he wants to watch this shit he can, it's his baby, a spoiled little baby whose silver spoon needs to be taken away from it before it feels entitled to the world and everything in it.

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