Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Renney Vs. Quinn Vs. Crawford, Former Canucks Bench Bosses Deathmatch!

Renney-First off, I hope to hell Tambellini is at least LOOKING outside of the former Canucks old boys club before making a call. I have mentioned in the past that I wouldn't mind Crawford or Quinn, but I for one would like to say that I want no part of Renney.

The guy just reminds me too damned much of MacT. Defensive style (albeit his best player was a defensive player in NY), looks like MacT's fraternal twin brother, and he doesn't have much success over his tenure. If Tambellini is a man of his word and wants a more exciting team that dictates the pace, I'm not sure if this is our guy.

As for the Jagr connection, I'm not willing to sign a coach that I'm not confident in returning Oilers hockey to Edmonton for numerous years to lure Jagr over here for a year or two max. Out of these 3 candidates, he is #3 with a bullet.

Quinn-An old timer to say the least, but a guy that should command respect. Quinn is a long time coach that has had some successes in his coaching career and is a guy that could offer a long lifetime in the NHL worth of experience. IMO short term he'd probably be our best bet to turn the ship around in a hurry, my only issue with him is that due to his age, how many years can/will he put in as head coach?

Perhaps the best bet would be to have Quinn take the reigns and have a bright young hockey mind learning under him and taking the positives out of his experience and then building upon it when it's time for him to grab the bull by the horns.

Crawford-Yeah it may sound like someone is constantly applying more pressure on his nads with a vice when he speaks, and yeah he had a MacT-ish love for Dan Cloutier. But under his watch Bertuzzi and Naslund flourished, the Canucks played an exciting style of play, and best of all he likes to play an offensive style (which would be the best fit for this group of players, something our former coach fought against the last 3 seasons).

Not to mention, he is old school in the sense that unlike under MacT, when someone takes a run at someone they have a target on their back. And no, I don't condone what Bertuzzi did, nor do I think that Crawford told him to cold cock Moore from behind like a coward. The 2 biggest elements that we've been missing is an uptempo style of play, and a team unity that doesn't allow people to take liberties with our players without having to answer for them.

This is why IMO Crawford would be a much better coach than many would give him credit for, and that is why of the 3, IMO he'd be the best pick.


Oilerz said...

I like your coaching idea in the Quinn scenario. Do you have any bright hockey mind in mind to serve under him?

Bryanbryoil said...

A few people mentioned Ray Ferraro as a guy to target. IMO it'd help if he got his learning chops under an experienced bench boss like Quinn.