Sunday, May 3, 2009

If You're Trading Hemsky, Go Big Or Go Home

If they decide to trade Hemsky because he isn't a franchise player then we had damn well better get one in return. Trading him for equal or lesser value would continue a string of lateral or worse moves that has gotten us nowhere in the last 3 years.

There's two ways to look at moving Hemsky, the first is obviously going for a superstar, ie. Hemsky and Gilbert for a Malkin or Spezza type of a talent. The second is dealing Hemsky and something else to land ourselves into the top 2 draft positions in this years draft.

If we are simply moving Hemsky for a power forward it might change the look of the lineup, but it certainly won't catapult us into next season as a Cup contender. This team needs to figure out whether they want to win now or whether they want to restock the cupboard and make a strong push in a year or two.

Jim Matheson mentions Dustin Brown and Matt Greene for Hemsky, I for one really like Brown, however he is LA's captain and is one hell of a power forward. I am not sure why they'd want to deal him other than the fact that Hemsky and Kopitar would be one hell of a fun duo to watch for the next 10 years in LA.

So, I'll play that game. How about we deal them Hemsky and Cogliano for Brown and their 5th overall pick? We get a young power forward and a solid 1st rounder to keep or package with Smid, other picks/prospects, or our 10th overall to jump further up in lottery territory. Or we simply stand pat with 2 picks in the top 10.

LA moves forward with 2 solid young proven NHLers, we get a power forward and a pick. LA really doesn't need many more picks as they are pretty set in terms of their defense and in net and the trade would return them two young forwards under 26.

This gives us a change in our top 6 and the ability to attempt a quick turn around with the draft. Then we package Gilbert separately for a solid 1st round pick or another power forward type. Perhaps Gilbert, Nilsson, and a 2nd or Pouliot for Horton? This would completely change the make up of our team and we'd have some solid young players in the system.

Whatever happens, if Hemsky is traded we had better not be getting weaker as a team or absorbing salary unless it's one hell of a player. Or they could just hope that a new coach heals all wounds. All that we can do is sit and wait.

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