Monday, May 4, 2009

Maybe Hemsky To Phoenix Would Make Sense?

The 'Yotes are an ailing franchise to say the least. However they could use a guy that dazzles the crowds and #83 could be that guy. He's a cheaper star player that brings superstar potential and Gretzky has time and time again raved about #83. Obviously the 'Yotes would prefer winning now as they need to ice a winner in the worst possible way to attract the masses to the rink.

So here is what I propose, Ales Hemsky, Robert Nilsson, and Ethan Moreau for Kyle Turris, the 6th overall pick, and a 2nd round pick. We would shed about $6 million, add the guy that the Oilers and I wanted in '08 and add a second top 10 pick in a deep draft as well as a 2nd rounder while the Coyotes add some players that they could plug in right away and who could improve their chances of gracing the post season or at the very least make them a better team.

This of course would throw us back in terms of being competitive in the immediate future, but with Turris, Gagner, Cogliano, 2 top 10 picks, and our defensive corps, the Oilers would be looking mighty fine in terms of its future prospects. Or once again the Oilers could package the new 2nd and the 6th or 10th or the 6th and the 10th together to move way up into the draft. In essence we could be landing two top 3 picks by making this deal. Turris was thee 3rd pick in '08 and we'd likely be landing in the top 3 with those types of packages.

Maybe not an ideal situation, but as GM, Steve Tambellini needs to exhaust every possible scenario if Hemsky is indeed trade bait.


Saurash said...

Only one problem, that franchise has no money, why would they take on 6 million?

And honestly, at this point, I'd rather have Boedker than Turris.

Bryanbryoil said...

If Balsile or someone else with coin picks them up that would be a different story. If they move they could use an exciting player to market. As for Boedker, he had better stats and is a tad younger. I honestly don't watch a ton of 'Yotes hockey but Turris' shot is something that I'd LOVE to have in the Oilers organization. Not to mention that perhaps they would be hesitant since Boedker showed more and then also dealing their 6th overall pick.

Just for the hell of it, lets say that they get relocated to Ontario, make my proposed trade and then land Gaborik. They would be much improved and an exciting and competitive team in a hurry.