Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quinn Provides Valuable Insight Into This Years Draft

The Oilers may have lucked out big time in hiring Quinn. Pat will have insight into this years draft eligible players because he coached many of the top ones at the WJC's. He got to see players work ethics, skill levels, and he can compare them to players that he has coached or played with over his lengthy hockey career.

He may not be a scout, but this is a rare opportunity, acquiring a veteran NHL coach fresh off of the WJC's coaching the Gold Medal team and playing against many of the top 17 and 18 year olds in the world.

Hopefully this plays into the Oilers favor and they can have a strong draft to build the team up going forward. We can take any additional help that we can get at this point. Especially when a couple of players maybe relatively close in terms of skill, Quinn may have that extra insight to single out the better player or at least the player with a better professional attitude if everything else is considered equal.

And if you're thinking that the scouts and Tambellini could care less about what a coach thinks, remember that they asked Rob Daum about O'Sullivan prior to the trade. The Oilers should be able to take advantage of this situation rather nicely.

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