Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If Heatley Doesn't Come and Free Agency Is A Flop

Then it's time for a straight up rebuild. Trade away everyone not named Gagner, and build from there and our upcoming prospects. I'm talking NYI bad for 3 straight years. Take damn good care of the young kids and treat them like royalty. We need to rebuild the image of the city and the team.

This is beyond ridiculous, yeah it's cold, but for crying out loud Edmonton is far from a shit hole. Calgary attracts players and it sure as hell isn't warm and toasty there either. As an Oilers fan it cuts deep every time something like this happens, it doesn't NEED to be this way, we just need to start building from the draft with character players from Europe and Western Canada.

Enough of this crap, we have a new Owner, GM, and a respectable coach, someone grow a pair of balls and give the team a chace. If you like quiet crowds, piss off, if you want to become a legend to loyal fans, welcome aboard!

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