Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Looking For High Quality Players With High Quality Character

Dany Heatley can blow a goat for all I care at this point. Here's a guy that's 28 years old and he's acting like a damned 8 year old throwing a hissy fit because he got a pair of socks instead of a game console on Christmas. Frankly I don't give a shit if he hasn't accepted the trade because he wanted to "stick it to Ottawa", because he doesn't want to come here at all costs, because he will always love the Flames, or because his 2nd personality doesn't like snow. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on, pardon me let me fix that, the horse that he was too good to saddle up on.

The fans of Edmonton don't deserve this shit, Tambellini doesn't deserve it, Katz doesn't deserve it, and our 3 current players that are waiting for Heatley to shit or get off the pot sure as hell don't deserve it.

Here's my plea, anyone from the Alberta area that has an actual personality with solid character, that would like to tell people like Heatley and Pronger to go fuck themselves because they are arrogant pieces of crap that are trashing a legendary organization and the great fans of this team as well as crapping on THEIR HOME TOWN! Come out, sign with us, request a trade to us, whatever works, come home and get this team back to its winning tradition while these other ass clowns are more concerned about their tans, chicks with orange skin that without a second glimpse could pass off for Orangutan orange, and chicks that have nothing going for them other than looks and money.

Go to bat for your home province! If Heatley accepts the trade, I will welcome him, however the luster has dulled and my patience has just about worn out. Imagine if we acquire him and he wants a trade a year later, if there's no interest now, holy crap we could be scraping the bottom of the barrel and his contract could even become more immovable than Horcoff's and Penner's.

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