Monday, June 22, 2009

If We Don't Land A Big Fish Via Trade, We Had Better Add Another 1st Rounder

It maybe tough to land Heatley or another star via trade, but there is no excuse for us not to try to land another 1st round pick. Of course it would be awesome to trade up and nab Tavares, Schenn, or Kane, but I would be perfectly happy landing guys like Kassian, Holland, Schroeder, etc. with a 2nd first rounder. Buffalo and Florida would seem like good trade partners with the 13th and 14th picks respectively. Both could use defense and we just so happen to have a surplus in that department.

It is time for the Oilers to make a grab for picks in a deep draft so that we won't have to be constantly courting star players, it's time to select and develop our own. While we're at it, maybe Gilbert and Cogs could land us the 4th pick from Atlanta where we could draft Schenn or Kane. It's time for the Oilers to go for a home run swing without being buried by a cap hit from hell.

We would be better off going this route and overpaying a few star UFA's for 3 years than getting riddled with long term contracts that are immovable.

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